Using Language To Persuade


Language is arguably the most powerful tool humans possess to influence others with. Through language we learn to understand the world around us with the depth needed to develop and advance individually and collectively. The skills to use persuasive language and identify it being used, are crucial in a world driven by social media and personal agendas.

Persuasive Language At Work

An ideal beginning point for working towards understanding persuasive language is looking at an example of it. Technological advances mean navigating new frontiers is once again a common occurrence in peoples' lives. Gender selection for babies is a hot topic, and genetic selection for the preferred sex of your child is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to genochoice.

The 'GenoChoice' website demonstrates the pheonomenon of genetic choice advances and technology perfectly. This site sells people the opportunity to create designer babies, screening for genetic illnesses in DNA 'Gattaca' style. It is one case in point of how the Internet is a powerful agent for selling products through the use of unique selling strategies that make the most of persuasive techniques by using them in an engaging manner.

INITIAL ANALYSIS ACTIVITY: You need to view the 'GenoChoice' site and critique it for persuasiveness. Take notes in response to the following discussion points:
  • Does it make you consider that genetic technology has a lot to offer people?
  • What are three persuasive techniques the site uses effectively?
  • How do these techniques effect their target audience?
  • Rate the site out of 10 for its persuasive impact.

ACTIONS: Being able to identify persuasive techniques and view language use critically are two key skill sets that a student needs for success in their SAC and exam language analyses. Type your critiques of the 'GenoChoice' share in our 'Initial Analyses' page.


Notice issues and take a stand

Get sarcastic, use appeals, exaggerate, use attacks, be humourous, state a fact, make a point: Expressing your own opinion persuasively is key to being able to deliver a strong point of view oral presentation. To begin sharpening your persuasive wits you can respond to a scathing attitude directed towards your generation. On air, during a Fifi and Jules broadcast, Will Anderson accosted one of your peers stating,
'Oh my god, kids are so much smarter and funnier than we were when we were at that age, luckily we have destroyed the planet so they won't be able to live on it. Take that Dave'.
This attack, (while made in gest), reveals a generational conflict that opens up some hefty debate points. Have the older generations created a world that is becoming unliveable? Do elder generations have a responsibility to leave the world in good shape for the next? Does your generation accept that the planet is 'destroyed' beyond repair? How do you think your generation will/will not look after the planet as adults? Undertake the assigned issue background reading anf challenge Will with your points of view on this topic...
1. Read the following opinion pieces on this topic:

2. Join 'Wallwisher' and express your point of view towards Will and his attitude on our 'Take that Will' page. Keep it sophisticated; low-brow thoughtless attacks won't cut it, they only serve to weaken a point of view.

During the year you will complete SAC tasks for each unit.

Unit 1: Outcome 3: Be able to identify and discuss how language can be used to persuade readers and/or viewers
Unit 1 SAC part A: You must complete a coherently constructed written piece in which you analyse and compare the ways in which language is used to persuade readers to a point of view in a selected media text/s. You will also complete a hybrid Outcome 2/3 SAC where you will present a point of view oral presentation.

Unit 1: Outcome 2/3: Present orally and in writing, a sustained and reasoned point of view on a selected issue that considers the Context, draws from the set text and addresses the prompt.
Unit 1 SAC part B: You will complete a hybrid Outcome 2/3 SAC where you will present a point of view oral presentation.

Unit 2: Outcome 3: Be able to identify and analyse how language is used in a persuasive text and to be able to present a reasoned point of view in an oral form
Unit 2 SAC. You must present a sustained and reasoned Point of View on an aspect of the issue to be delivered in the form of an Oral Presentation.


Your SAC preparation activities:

Term 1 Study Break tasks:
  1. Continue to develop your persuasive techniques and language analysis knowledge.
  2. Plan and prepare for your hybrid Creating and Presenting/Using Language to Persuade oral presentation.
  3. Access EchoOnline for media issues reading and to help you identify relevant topics you are passionate about that you can use in your oral presentations.

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